A non Google play link to download android app in China

As I am sure everyone knows, Google is blocked in china. It might be a good idea to add a link on the skritter.cn page to where you can dl the apk in China.

The thing is that I had to buy a chinese phone since my old samsung galaxy would not work correctly in China because of the whole good being blocked so nothing would sync with anything and error messages pooping up all over the place.
Now I want to download skritter on my new Chinese phone. I can access google play with a vpn but I cant seem to add my phone as a new device to my account, thus I cant download anything. I really need some help here. Also, I think a huge chunk of the people using skritter are living in China so there really has to be a way for us to download/update skritter without having to use a vpn.

I originally had the APK files posted on the html5 site, but they seemed to have been overwritten when I pushed some updates. In the future it’d be nice to at least implement a system that checks the latest version from inside the application and gives a notification when an update is available. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the latest files here: https://files.skritter.com/android/