Adding characters to list bug


There is a bug when adding characters to a list.

It happens when you add characters with the exact same pinyin, and then try to move the last one above the prior one.

Various bad things happen, some characters above get deleted etc. Usually the charater moved both become the same character.


this is the result:


video of bug:


Here’s another one, watch the character change when I move it:

incredibly hard to work around this, because it’s so unpredictable.


aaaah this is so annoying. I’m looking up through my list and seeing tons of incorrect characters thanks to this bug.

The method of adding characters is already very slow and inefficient - now this…

I’m looking at my previous list sections and seeing duplicate characters (i.e. some characters deleted)…

AAAAAAAHH!!! this is so hard for me to audit.


I’m so sorry this happened, but you documented this well. Thanks for your report! I’ve opened an issue so this can be patched up. I’ve also added a few extra weeks on to your subscription to try and offset some of the inconvenience, though I realize it doesn’t help fix your list.


appreciate that, thanks

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