Adding/editing definitions and importing lists


I’ve been trying out Skritter for a while now with Japanese.
I’m liking it so far, but would like to be able to do the following.
-Add/edit definitions when setting up lists using the Skritter 2.0 Web interface. (I’d like to add definitions in Japanese or replace the existing definition.)
Can this only be done while studying the individual items on the list?
I see from another earlier topic this is “planned”. Any update on that?

-Import my own list from something like a text file or .csv file. Can that be done?


Currently you can only edit definitions while studying the item (or when viewing list contents if on the legacy website at The ability to edit definitions while your creating a list is on the way! We’ve also talked about improving the list upload process, which would be something like being able to import from a .csv or .txt. There’s unfortunately no ETA on this, though.

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