Adding from multiple lists at a time

I currently have several lists but I want to add from two lists. One list is the New HSK list and one is the custom list produced by myself and my tutor (both have multiple sections). Both lists are currently listed as “adding” but it seems that it only adds from one of the lists. At first it wasn’t adding the HSK words and only adding from my custom list. I went and paused the HSK list and then immediately resumed it, and now it is only adding from the HSK list and not my custom list. Is there a way to have Skritter add from both lists simultaneously, maybe one from one list and one from another and switching off in this way?

Also, is it possible to totally separate the lists. For example, I want to just study writing on the HSK list but I would like to study tones, definition and writing with my custom list. I don’t want to have to change the settings each time. Please advise.

Thanks in Advance!

Which version of Skritter are you using when it seems to only be adding from one list?

As far as separating the parts for each list, you can go into the list’s page, then click “Change study settings” and then select which parts it will add for that specific list.