Android app: Example sentences?!

Is there any way to show example sentences in the Android app? I’m currently learning for HSK and I think examples are really crucial for cramming in all this random new vocab.

unfortunately not in the android app at the moment
you have to use pleco

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COMPLETELY ridiculous that these still are not there. Instead they focus on silly fancy graphical updates. This company has weird priorities.

Well, bit of a harsh tone – but I must agree. I asked this over a year ago and I’m now at a point where I understand most examples pretty well (…even though they’re user generated, not well checked and often have mistakes :-/). Learning without examples just makes not much sense for me anymore and I basically stopped using Skritter on my phone.
Don’t think I will renew this way.

Example sentences have been available on the Android beta app for awhile now! You can opt in to the beta participation by looking up Skritter’s page on the Play Store on your device, then tapping the “Join” button under the beta area. Once the app is no longer in beta, it will replace the older version, and everyone will receive the update, but until then you can join the beta participation to test out improvements as they happen.

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