App character error feedback

Are we able to get individual database errors (like wrong stroke order, tone marking, etc) fixed yet? I still have a ton of characters with mistakes in the entries.

Yes, we’ve been working on a new internal tool to help correct/edit our character data, expect some improvements on the new clients in the coming weeks!

We can now fix stroke order issues, so if there is something bugging you, or you’d like an alternative way to do the stroke order, then ping an email to and we’ll look into it. For example, you should now be able to write 學 from left to right, or starting in the center with the two hand/x’s when using the latest apps.

It’s not about being bugged or wanting alternatives, over the years I’ve stumbled across 100-200 entries that are just wrong, sometimes bizarrely. I wrote them down somewhere but no idea where now.

Here’s an example I ran across again today: 鸝

We have that as a type of bird - Chinese oriole. Is this incorrect?

Anyway, just ping us at and we’ll fix it. Soon it will be in the new app so you can get them fixed when you find them.

The definition isn’t the problem, it’s the stroke order. If I’m trying to write a character and the app indicates my input is wrong because the stroke type and placement doesn’t fit its programmed sequence, then I’m going to be left to assume that I’m thinking of the wrong character, and then I’ll have to look to see what I should be writing. Then I found out I WAS right, but I never get the positive learning feedback and I lose out on the purpose of spaced repetition.

Anyway I’ll send the feedback to the appropriate channel.

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We’re finally able to fix stroke issues again. Send away! The system we have can handle variants as well, and we have a list of sources we can use to check both China and Taiwan stroke order where applicable.

Here is the stroke order we have, which matches with other common sources. Is what you’re seeing different to this link?鸝

We can now easily add accepted variants if there is another common way of writing something.