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There’s been some progress here but it’s still broken. Typically when I actually want to go back an item, the button has disappeared. With the old app, items would no longer be available if you’d progressed too far, say, 5 or so items. This isn’t happening every time but it’s way too common.

Hi Benjamin, thanks for opening the issue. We’ll continue to improve button navigation for the app, but I do want to take the time to talk about the current behavior a bit.

No going back
When the app is launched for the first time and you enter the study experience there will be no back button. In fact, each time to return to the dash and study again the back button will be gone.

When you enable a filter (writing, reading, definition, tone) the back button will be disabled for the first prompt of that new type.

After you have gone back a full item, the back button will be gone. Our previous apps were a little more liberal in letting you go back multiple items. This is bad for SRS and can lead to data issues between the apps. To ensure accuracy across all clients, you can now only go back one item.

Quick example of behavior
You finish writing 美國, and your next card is 中國. Even on 中國’s 國, you should be able to go back to 美國 (both characters) and change the grade. Once you complete 中國, however, and move to the next card, 美國’s grade will be submitted to the server on next sync.

Buttons just missing
Some users, including myself upon initial testing, have reported the back button not appear on some prompt types. I noticed this on reading prompts on my account. After un-installing and re-installing the app (and thus logging in again) the buttons all appeared on my account as intended. If you’re seeing buttons missing when you think they should be there, I would recommend trying those steps to see if things are fixed. There are some significant changes between 3.0.12, 3.0.13, 3.0.14 on the backend, so it is possible that something is getting messed up during the update process.

Hope this info is helpful! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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I did a fresh install and my back button never shows. That means I can’t fix any grading errors. I usually accidentally advance when I try to show the definition on each card and tap a bit out of the box.

Please let us know if the issue persists when the next version comes out. We’re on 3.0.15 (300053) internally right now, and we’ll try to get out as soon as we can.

I’ll give that a try.

We’ve heard of this and even have video evidence, however haven’t run into it and I can’t reproduce it. It seems to happen when transitioning from writing cards to other card types. Would you be able to delete the app and do a fresh install and let us know if the same problem with the back button persists?

I think that has solved it. Haven’t seen it happen recently.

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