Brush thickness and SR algorithm


I have recently started to use Skritter and noticed that the brush thickness does not match characters when I am in the tracing mode.

Should I trace the character going in the middle or the outer counter? Why this kind of design?

My second question has to do with the SR algorithm. If the setting is not set on the manual mode, I suddenly have 20 new characters to write. This may be justified for apps like memrise in which you need several seconds to find the correct answer but writing Chinese characters takes more time.

Now I can write only several characters per day, so I have set the mode to manual. However, this is not the solution because the old characters keep appearing again and I do not have much chance to practice the new ones.

Thank you.


Hey there!

characters can be traced over the lines, I wouldn’t worry too much about if they are exactly overlapping or not. There’s some leniency, so as long as the stroke is written roughly the way it should be, it should register!

Every word you study will become due again (based on it’s age and your success rate with the word). If you start marking these words as correct, they will become scheduled farther out so you don’t see them as often. Once the words you’ve added are more mature, you’ll see the review count dwindle down. Manual adding is a good idea to have complete control over when you see new words, so I recommend adding a few new ones once you’ve gotten your queue to a manageable level (or if you find you’re remembering a lot of your reviews well).

Hope this helps!



Is it possible to write characters without the SR algorithm, i.e., trace characters that I want in any order and as many times as I like? The two main reasons why I decided not to use Skritter: the algorithm that I do not understand. In my opinion, the SR algorithm makes me tired and unenthusiastic about writing characters. Another reason is the brush thickness. It makes me feel that write characters incorrectly and that they are imperfect and ugly most of the time. I can use any drawing application (free or already paid one), set up the brush thickness that I like, choose the style and specific characters that I want, easily find free required vocabulary lists. Currently, Skritter is more frustration for me than enjoyment.

Good luck with improving the application. At the moment, I cannot pay for this application because of the things I have already mentioned.

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