Checking the mnemonics?

Yes. I understand. And, after looking at the Skritter Chinese app again I see exactly what you mean. The character level mnemonics are displayed for the individual characters, they’re not a global world-level mnemonic. Strangely, the app just shows the first character mnemonic for pinyin and definition cards, but I’m guessing those don’t get viewed very often. This is probably the first time I’ve noticed that if I’m honest.

Okay. Gonna take some notes on a few things, and see what we can do!

Yes I noticed that also. Another reason I haven’t switched to the new app, as I can’t access individual character mnemonics from a compound word anymore. The legacy app allows this, among many classic useful features that still don’t exist in the new app.

It’s not the word I forget, it’s one character in the word. But my mnemonic for the character in the new app doesn’t appear any more, only for the word.

I find mnemonics for words are a waste of time and space; I never use them, and don’t need them. Mnemonics for individual characters within words are necessary and I refer to them often enough to make their absence in the new app a real turn off.

Still waiting for the folks at Skritter to get all of the great legacy app features into the new app!

I might have missed something, but for me no mnemonics at all are shown on the info pane for the card. It always prompts me to add my own in.
In the legacy app the mnemonics are available for the same words.

Is this the actual current state of the app, or am I missing something here?

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This is the current state of the app. The popular mnemonics haven’t been added to the new app yet. If you have created your own custom mnemonics for words/characters, however, they will be displayed in the app.

We have plans on bundling the popular mnemonics with the app in a new way to reduce server calls, and we’ll also doing some screening of the mnemonics before rolling them out to replace or improve bad or offensive mnemonics before we deploy them.

Ok thanks for the swift clarification.

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I recently gave the new app yet another try out, but found I had to switch back to the legacy app again because mnemonics for individual characters are still not provided within words. Inability to access these while reviewing words is proving to be a major obstacle to study for me.

I understand you are working on making these accessible. Just wondering if there is any timeline for when this feature will be ready.

We’d like to have this into the new app in version 3.3.7. We’re working on some final things on our list for 3.3.6 at the moment, and once that is done we’ll be working getting mnemonics into the app on the study cards.

I don’t have a timeline estimate just yet, but it should be in the app early in 2020!

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That’s great news! Thanks

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Sorry for jumping onto this boat, but I wonder what is your 2020 timeline for allowing the checking of definitions of characters’ constituent parts (radicals etc. ) in the new app?
This is for me the reason I am sticking to the legacy app - need to be able to look up the meaning of radicals quickly, best in a hierarchical fashion down to the smallest particles. The old app allowed to dive into single character part definitions very quickly.

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Our plan is to have this functionality in the app in version 3.3.7 along with the mnemonics. We’ll be redoing the vocab info screen so character drilling from words is possible. And also making the font sizes on that screen a lot bigger along with some other goodies.

Best guess in before the end of Q1 at the pace we’re moving at for 3.3.6 updates.

Stay tuned!

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Hey checked out the new app again. Very impressed by how logical the layout is and how smoothly things seem to run.

I didn’t give it much of a run thru however because I see that mnemonics for individual characters within words are still not available? At least I could not figure out how to access them if they are there.

Hoping we will see this feature in the very near future?

Until then, just have to keep on using the legacy app.

(My first use of Skritter years ago taught me at last how useful mnemonics are, and I create them for every new character now. But I don’t need them for words: I don’t forget how to write words, I only forget how to write a character within a word. When I need a hint for a character I haven’t seen in a very long time, I don’t like to see the character strokes revealed for me, I want my own mnemonic, and when I see it, the character floods back into my mind’s eye and the mnemonic is set firmly in my memory again.)

Tap above the break line on study cards and mnemonics and example sentences appear. If you are on writing cards or tone cards, the mnemonic displayed is the character you’re on.

Hope that helps!

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On the info screen you can go to the characters tab. All characters in words can be drilled into by tapping on them, and the character mnemonics are on that info screen as well.

Hope that helps! I was going to post a video of how to access things, but I’m on my phone at the moment and it doesn’t want me to upload it.

We’ll have full documentation about how it all works when we release the next production version (since things are currently subject to tweaks and adjustments).

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Ok, tell me what I’m doing wrong here, because I go into review mode, select the list I want to review, get started and … tapping away above the break line reveals nothing but the pinyin and the definition, and there are no tabs of any kind on the side-opening info panel (and when I tap on characters there nothing happens.)

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s just in the latest beta app, not the production app.


@Therebackagain sorry for not making it clear that this is currently in the beta app, and not in the production build yet. We’re still collecting feedback, and fixing up a few reported bugs, but we hope to have 3.4.0 update out on Android and iOS as soon as we can!


Joining the beta program on iOS and Android is pretty painless if you’d like to check things out early. Details below, and be sure to email with any questions!


Thank you so much to everyone who worked on adding the mnemonics to the app! :tada:

I’ve just updated it to the latest version, and I reaaaaaaaally appreciate having them there, just a swipe away and without any spoilers. 谢谢!


Agreed, they are lifesaving. Thank you Skritter team!



@meiadeleite @rpetersn glad you’re enjoying the popular mnemonics! Just wanted to let you know that we’re going to have them turned off by default in app. This change just went live in the latest beta 3.4.1 (300386) that is rolling out today on iOS. Popular Mnemonics can be enabled from the User Study Settings screen.

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Sorry for being unclear, I only want to see my own mnemonics. I was referring to the fact that mnemonics are a swipe away - I hadn’t posted my thanks about that. I’m glad the popular mnemonics are turned off now - the list was good in the old app as a way to brainstorm ones own, but placing the top mnemonic as the default without indicating it wasn’t my own was not working for me. Thanks for improving it.