Displaying the hardest words/words i get wrong the most

Hi, i was wondering if there is any way to have Skritter show me the words i performe worst at when it comes to writing, so i can make a list of maybe 20 Words i can focus on each day, besides doing my everyday Skrittering. Thanks

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This would be quite nice, like a “leech” function.

The idea would be being able to dump these once a week into a memory palace or use some other technique to fix them where SRS brute force isn’t getting it done.

I’d love to have this feature in Skritter, too.

In the interim, I find it very useful to ‘star’ words that I was struggling to learn and then spend 5-10 minutes every day just studying my star list (on iOS: Advanced Study > Star Emphasis 100%). This has had a huge impact on my leeches and also helps in general study because I spend more time studying new words and less time (in total) studying leeches.


I was just about to write a new post when I saw this.

There are some words, or “leeches” that I just can’t seem to get my head round, and it’s a pain.

I just got a word wrong which I have had in my words for a very long time, in fact I just realised that I have studied this single word for more than 30 minutes and it’s status is “still learning” - I have written it correctly 35%.

I think a solution to so called leeches could be for Skritter to autopopulate a quick study list of leeches. The algorithm could be a combination of “time word studied” and “% success” - or any other way we can work out our worst words.

The feature will allow me to select how many words I want in the list, e.g. 10-100.

I can then spend a few minutes of my day really cracking down on these leeches once and for all.

Sound feasable?


See the response from Skritter here - basically, they’ve implemented basic leech detection in the HTML5 beta and although interested they won’t revisit it until they’ve got the main features sorted.


This will be a really helpful feature!