Editing a word's definition

I want to change/modify the definition of a Chinese word. I have tried doing it in the list of words, but when I click edit, it erases the definition and allows me to type in a new definition, but I am not able to save it, it always reverts to the original.

How can I do this?

You didn’t specify what platform you are using Skritter on. I use the iOS version on my iPad.

After editing the definition of the word (by pressing the pencil icon), there are two small blue links on the top-left and top-right of the KEYBOARD popup. One says “Save (correction)” and the other says “Save (Personal)”. I’ve assumed the former sends your definition to Skritter for them to evaluate if they want to modify things (but I’ve never checked into it for sure). The latter just changes it on your account.

Keep in mind if you hide the keyboard, you won’t see the Save links…they really are attached to the keyboard popup. Note: the links are greyed out until you change the definition, and then they turn blue after modifying the definition.

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Thank you for your reply, but I am unable to get the links on the keypad to appear. I modify the definition and after doing so, nothing happens. If I click save, that doesn’t work. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

I was able to modify the definition using the web site. Click on my words and then look up the word and then using the pencil change the definition there and choose save. (not submit for correction).

Since I can’t see what you are seeing, I can only show what I see.

The picture below was taken on my iPad using the iOS Skritter Chinese app.

I added a space at the end of the definition of this word and the two blue saving links appeared. (They were greyed out and nearly invisible until I modifed the definition).

You didn’t say if you are also using iOS or Android or web, but if you are on a mobile device, you could reboot it and see if that fixes the problem. Perhaps just shutting down the Skritter app and restarting it would work.

I just re-read your original post and see you were talking about editing the definition from the list of words (not from the word while studying…which is what I usually do, and showed in my prior post).

So, I tried editing the definition from the list of words…and it worked just fine too. There was a “save” button there, and when I clicked it, it changed the definition for me.

Edit: here’s a picture of what I see if I go to one of my lists, click on any of the blue characters in the list, and then press the pencil icon beside the definition of the word.

After changing the word and pressing the blue “Save Definition” button, it updates the definition for me.