Erasing historical stats, erasing lists


I’ve gone back to study after a long time. I need my stats to start back from scratch. there are words I’ve forgotten that appear as if I know them. I want to be able to know how many words I’ve learnt,not throughout my life but since I started studying again. also, I don’t know how to erase lists I don’t use anymore.


Sounds like you want to “nuke” your account, which you can do using the “delete all” function on the My Words page

What is deleted:

Your words
ALL your progress
Your lists on the practice page

What is NOT deleted:

Your custom lists
Your forum posts
Your stars, mnemonics, and custom definitions
Your settings

It won’t delete your custom lists, but it will remove them from study - so you can pick them up again if and when you like.

But be very sure that’s what you want to do before you do it - there’s no going back!


What @Catherine said! Also, to delete lists you aren’t using anymore, you can click the “X” mark next to the list’s name on the study page at:

I tried to restart my statistics doing this but it just doesn’t happen… any ideas?

If you delete a list, it won’t reset your account’s stats, however if you want to reset your stats completely and start fresh, you can use the “Reset all data” option on your account page, at: (in the bottom right hand corner).

Nothing happens when I click there, using Google, Explorer or Android. Nothing. I think it’s a bug but I don’t know how to report it…

Ah, I just caught your email and replied there-- let’s get to the bottom of this! :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem. That button just does not seem to work, I’ve also tried several browsers.

I’m able to reproduce the problem and have opened an issue for it, thanks for the report!

So just out of interest is there any way to remove lists from the “my lists” screen on the android app? Every list I’ve ever added seems to stay on the screen with their status shown as “not studying”, even after I remove them. There doesn’t seem to be a way to remove them via the website either because the site only shows the lists I currently have. The only time I managed to clear them all is when I nuked all my data, and I can’t be doing that every time I want to get rid of a list :slight_smile:

Thank you, but that doesn’t help me much. What do I do? I was about to subscribe again, but when this seems so difficult to resolve I am not sure anymore… I just want to reset my statistics.

Ah, I’m sorry! I thought you had instructions from an earlier post on how to reset your data using the legacy version of the site.

You can reset all of your data using “delete all” function on the legacy “My Words page”

If you’d like to delete a list entirely without using the Android app, you can go to:, then click on the name of the desired list, and then “Delete” on the left hand side

That seems to point to my custom lists page, which is empty (according to both versions of the website, anyway). On the android app under the “my lists” tab I have a list of everything I’m currently studying, as well as every list I’ve ever added, including lists I’ve since removed and an empty custom list that I’ve deleted. It’s been a while since I last used Skritter but I don’t recall the app/website behaving this way in the past, or I would have been a lot more frustrated with it… ?

Aha, I didn’t realize that that was an alternative way of doing it. Thanks!

If you haven’t created any list personally, that page would be empty. You can remove a list you’re studying that you didn’t create by clicking the “X” next to it’s name. It sounds like you might want to use the “Restore data” feature on the Android app. Here’s a link to a guide: