Errors in translations, definitions, etc

I didn’t find a place in this forum to collect language errors so I thought I’d start this thread where people can contribute any errors in translations or definitions or vocabulary lists in one place.

For example, I noticed that the example sentence for 信任 is

“他很真诚,不由得我不信任他.” ==> “His sincerity inclines me to trust him.”

The English translation is pretty much the opposite in meaning to the Chinese sentence.

Many, many, many of the example sentences are horrible, and use level-inappropriate characters. (For example, an HSK1 character using HSK3 characters in the example sentence).

However, the Skritter team already recognizes that and (maybe in the Beta thread) said it’s on their list to redo the example sentences.

All the sentences for the HSK are being staff selected / created, HSK1 ~ HSK3 sentences are already completed and deployed in the beta app!

The previous sentences were pretty awful, as you’ve noticed.

I do think that it is a correct paraphrase of the source statement.

pts: Could you break down the sentence so I can understand it? I should not have been relying on Google translate, then.

不由得 means “not allowed”
不信任 means “do not trust”

So this sentence uses a double negative to say that “I must trust.”

Where do you see translations of the sample sentences? Is this something that’s just missing from 2.0?

Pts: Thanks for the explanation! I’m still a bit confused but I think i see what’s going on.

Ben: clicking/tapping on the Chinese sentence often (but not always) results in the translation being shown

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