Examples and hardware

Hello guys, I’m using this app on my Android phone and on PC as well :slight_smile: and it works great. However, while on PC I can see the (very useful) example sentences and mnemonic suggestions, on my phone those fields are blank. Is it normal? I’m using the latest version (2.1.2) on an Android Honor 9 phone.
One more thing: I’m thinking to get a tablet & pen to improve my studying while commuting. Do you have any suggestions about the hardware? Which tablets work best with Skritter?


Hi Fuyuan!

I recommend opting in to the beta version of the app, you can do that by visiting the Play Store page for Skritter (from your device), and then by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. There should be a green button there that lets you join.

As far as tablets, any modern Android tablet would be a good recommendation. @josh do you have any recommendations?

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Any other users wanna chime in here, too? We still have plans to continue to clean up landscape mode for tablet devices in the future, but what are you rocking for your Skritter studies, and how do you like it?

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Thanks a lot to both! I’ll try the beta at once :slight_smile:

Most 2017 or 2018 tablets will work just fine. It largely depends on your budget, but generally buying bigger name brands like Google or Samsung. Ones that tend to be more hit or miss are Chinese economy tablets.

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Awesome :slight_smile: how about Windows 10 tablets? There is no skritter version for those :frowning: right?

Not yet :frowning: But, our site is 100% html5 and pretty darn responsive. You won’t get offline mode, but skritter.com should still provide a darn good study experience. The biggest issue is that the market is forcing us to put mobile app efforts first. A lot of our newer features will start out on the apps and then make their way to the site, we’re just too small of a team to do them both at once.

I’ll certainly talk with Michael and Josh about looking into Windows releases once we’re shipped and have some stable versions in the stores. For now, go Android or iOS if you can. Honestly, that is what I would recommend anyway given the amount of developers and companies that are building on platforms. It’s been a while since I’ve really looked, but it feels like Windows is really, really far behind.

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Thanks a lot for your pieces of advice :slight_smile: and anyway this app is great! Keep up the good work!

Hey, has anybody tried Skritter on a Lenovo YOGA BOOK? I saw this tablet a couple of days ago and I immediately thought it might be very useful for this app…