Feature request: seperate character writings

Request: don’t count character writings when writing words that contain that character. Or at least provide an option for this behaviour.

Reason: Every time a word is written, the due date for the characters it contains gets pushed out further. This means that, once you have three or four words containing a given character, you’ll never get asked to recall that character based on its definition.

Background: I recently moved country and started a new job, and in the process got very very far behind on my skrittering. Now that I’ve taken it up again, I decided to tackle the character lists first (via advanced). This has been a shock! It’s very clear that I barely know most characters from their definition, even though I can easily write them once I know which character it is.


As a crude workaround, if you happen to have a list of the characters handy, you could load them up in the scratchpad by using the link at the bottom of http://www.skritter.com/study, paste the characters in there, then go through the prompts one by one and each time the characters come up you can use the magnifying glass icon to pull up the detailed info popup, then use the “Reset Stats” button. Spacing characters out when they’re included in words is one of the core parts to the SRS, I’m not sure how tricky it would be to tinker with.