Feature suggestion: Swipe through existing mnemonics


First of all thanks for the great app.

In my way through the Heisig 1 list in the iOS app, I’m glad to be able to check user mnemonics in the drop down box in case my own fail me in memorising tricky Kanji.

Not quite sure how the mnemonic which is displayed is chosen. Is it based on other users’ rating?
At any rate, some specific users’ mnemonics I like more than others - they just fit my own imagination better. I would really like to be able to see multiple mnemonics for each Kanji in the app to choose the best one for me on the go.

How about implementing horizontal swiping through the existing mnemonics once the “mnemonics box” is dropped down? Or in general a way to select certain mnemonics by criteria.


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@kehrichtbesen Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the app!

Mnemonics in the iOS app have been selected based on total votes for a particular mnemonic. You can see a full list of mnemonics that are created for characters by clicking the “see all” button under the mnemonic field. We chose to display the most popular mnemonic as a guideline for users who didn’t feel like creating their own.

If you really want to remember kanji and develop a deeper understanding of characters and components, I would highly recommend that you take the time to create your own for characters that are giving you the most trouble when you’re studying. It will take longer to study individual characters, but it will be much easier to commit those characters to long-term memory.

We have a blog post about this very topic if you’re interested in checking it out!

Hi Jake,

Thanks for your reply. It’s true that taking the time to create own ones will help in the long run. I just noticed that particular users create mnemonics I really can internalise quick, while this is not always the highest-rated one.

I cannot see the “see all” button in the mnemonics field - do you refer to the web interface, or is there indeed this function under iOS?


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The “see all” function is only on the web.