Feedback on hsk word 興 usage

feedback regarding the usage of the word 興

但是她生活的很開興 = is not a correct usage of this word here

但是她生活的很開心 = would make sense

I’m not entirely sure what you’re after here, but I’ll do my best. 興 is normally not a word, but it is a character that appears in some common words, such as:

  • 高興 (gāoxìng) “happy”
  • 興趣 (xìngqù) “interest”
  • 興奮 (xīngfèn) “excited”

Knowing these words will be enough for most purposes.

I think @luthern64 is referring to one of the example sentences that displays for this word:

雖然她得了癌癥,但是她生活得很開興。Sui1ran2 ta1 de2 le5 ai2zheng4, dan4shi4 ta1 sheng1huo2 de5 hen3 kai1 xing4.Although she got cancer, she lives happily.

As he correctly points out, this is wrong, so I’ve hidden this sentence from the database.


I see! Thanks for helping out. :slight_smile: