How does practicing below 0 affect future repetitions?

If I work my way towards 60% due, how will future repetitions be affected? If I for instance repeat a word which I last repeated 2 weeks ago and make it, will the new scheduling be based on the 2 weeks that have passed since I repeated it, or will it behave like I made it at due time and use 3 weeks and some days as the base for calculating future repetitions? If the first is the case, working past 0 will help to make the future work load smaller, while if it is the latter I feel like I am tampering with future repetitions, making it harder for myself down the road (even if I made it after 2 weeks, it is not sure that i would make it after 3).

I have had some time this semester to add a lot of new words, but won’t have the time for as much Skrittering next semester, and would like to get the future work load down as much as possible now that I still have the time. Trying to figure out how to do this in the best way possible. My current approach is to push the que way past 0, to deal with some of the words I am struggeling with before rather than later. If I however “tamper” too much with the other words with this approach I would like to do it in another way.

Thank you for input!

It’s really not recommended to study an item when it’s less than 100% due. The system does take into account that the word is being reviewed earlier than it was scheduled, and will make the next review closer than if it were graded as correct at 100% (and more so the less due it is). If all of your items are mature, this might end up working for you in the short term. The best solution sounds like it would be to turn off word adding (which I’m sure you’ve done), and to keep clearing the reviews until they’re at 0 each day-- unfortunately over studying likely is detrimental.

Ok, thank you for your answer!

Yes, word adding is already turned off. I will get it down to 0 every day then and hopefully see the que shrink in time.

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You could also increase the retention rate while you have time then decrease it later when you don’t.

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