I cannot see the definitions of some of the characters contained in a word

Hello! I recently restored my data and ever since then I have been having trouble seeing the individual definitions of the characters contained in specific words. Instead of giving me the definition, it just says ‘Kana’. I am running on an android system. Could you please let me know how to fix this proBleu?

It seems like this pesky little bug has been effecting a few people, but hearing that it only started showing when you cleared data does help me. If it’s truly related to using restore data, then you could try clearing the Skritter applications data and then logging in again. That might download a better fresher copy of the data.

I’m going to run through a few tests and see if I can thwart this bug once and forall.

I’m using the Japanese version but I have the exact issue.

It happend to me after a restore (using Titanium backup). I’ve cleared the app cache. Went into recovery mode and cleared the cache and the Davlik cache. I’ve turned kana off then on. I’m not sure what else I can do.

Not having the Kana definitions is a real impediment.

I still have the problem. I’ve had it continuously since January or earlier.
I imagine it’s related to using both the Chinese and Japanese apps, as I started having the problem some time after I tried out the Japanese to try to learn kana. Well, I still haven’t fully learned the kana, but it does say “kana” a lot in the information window, effectively disabling the “drilling down” functionality for me. So I use a few more clicks to get the same info in Pleco.