Improve chengyu definitions in Skritter - add stories

The definitions of people’s names in Skritter have some small biographical sketches of the people - for example Li Ka Shing:

Li Ka Shing (Hong Kong business magnat, 1928 -) is the richest person of East Asian descent in the world with an estimated wealth of US$26.0 billion in 2011. He is Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong Holdings; through them, he is the world’s largest operator of container terminals and the world’s largest health and beauty retailer.

For chengyu it would be great to include short stories explaining the background behind the story. For example from wikipedia on chengyu:

Another example is “瓜田李下” (About this sound guātián lǐxià, lit. “melon field, beneath the plums”). It is an idiom that has a deeper meaning that implies suspicious situations. It is derived from an excerpt from a Han era poem (樂府詩《君子行》, Yuèfǔ Shī “Jūnzǐ Xíng”). The poem includes the lines, “Don’t adjust your shoes in a melon field and don’t tidy your hat under the plum trees” (瓜田不納履,李下不整冠, About this sound gūatián bù nà lǚ, lǐ xià bù zhěng guān), admonishing the reader to avoid situations where however innocent he might be suspected of doing wrong.

This could be summarised in a short story so as to give people background on the meaning. What do others think?

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@ximeng I agree it would be nice to have more info for chengyu.

The definition in Skritter of the example you give is:

in a melon patch or under a plum tree; in suspicious circumstances or surroundings瓜田李下

which gives the literal meaning and the actual meaning.

But without the story it’s impossible to understand the link between literal and actual meanings!