Is there a way to ban all the sentences

Can you guys ban all the sentenses within my list if i ask you too. Perhaps run a select update query that will do this? I really want to focus on just reviewing words sometimes.

Which list(s) would you like this set up with?

Hey @mikelimassol! We are looking into the best way of handling this, but have a few questions first to make sure we resolve the issue in the best possible. Unfortunately the way our data structured unfortunately makes it not as trivial as just running a single update. Here are two possible solutions we’ve been considering:

  1. Adding an toggle to the Review and Test Options screen that allows for not seeing sentences. This would not ban them, but would allow them to not be seen. This would be available for users to toggle as needed.

  2. Create a script that ban/unban all sentences on an account in bulk. This would probably not be available to users, but just be a backend script that we can run.

I think that solution #1 would be the best overall as it might also be useful for other users and give greater control if deciding to study sentences again. What are your thoughts?

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I prefer option 1 as well. Actually, option one is what i been asking since i started using your beta app. I raised a couple of topics in the past asking for this.

What i am asking here is just a temporary solution until a solution like option 1 is implemented.

If option one is going to be implemented soon i can wait a bit, no need to ban anything. :smile:

Thanks @josh you made my day.

Either option will take us at least a few hours to build and test, so it sounds like option #1 will be the better path. This is something that could make it into the next beta build. I don’t have an exact time when that’ll be released, but we’re actively working on it and my best estimation would be at most a week or two.


What do you think of having a hide toggle for each card type? This way the users can customise which sentense type the want to keep.

If you think this solution is an overkill. Then one toggle to rule the all :slight_smile: , is still a good solution.

Just saw ur reply! Great!

We did discuss this, but for now we’ll start with the one toggle to rule them all approach just because we don’t want to overload the option screens. If it’s something that people find useful then we can revisit adding in more granularity down the road.

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I was thinking about this. Actually there is no need to filter sentences by type. We can combine the existing filters with the new sentence filter to achive the same thing.
Im also a dev, so i keep thinking about solutions is a norm for me lol!

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hey josh,
do you have any updates on the developmemt and release of this feature?

This feature hasn’t added yet, but I’ve added this forum thread to our internal ticket and will update here when this is ready to be released. This week we had a few higher priority issues to deal with, but I’m looking at tackling this feature next week.

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hey josh,

if its not a hussle can you add this filter in my words section of the app?


Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that it might be a little longer than Josh anticipated. While it isn’t the hardest thing to do, it hasn’t just been a 30 minute task, and we’ve got a few other higher priority things on the agenda at the moment that we’re trying to knock out for another beta release. Once the functionality is flushed out we’ll also see if this is something that makes sense to add on the My Words section of the app!

I do think it would be awesome to have even more sentence support on the mobile apps, and this is certainly a step in that direction. Just trying to fold it into the mix of a million on other things that need doing. Hope you understand!


In the meantime, maybe give sentences the ban while they’re coming up for review, and then unban globally from the website once we’ve got this rolled out?

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