Is there a way to 'front load' new words?

So I ended up deleting my entire history and restarting because I made some sloppy choices setting up my lists, and it became overwhelming and a mess. I was only a few weeks in so no big deal.

Now the issue is I’m bored!! I am starting over from scratch on the HSK 1-2, and Radicals. However I already know most of them and the issue is that even when I manually start adding a LOT of new words, Skritter isn’t showing me ANY of the new ones. I realize that it’s part of the SRS algorithm but I am getting really bored with practicing all the words I already know over and over and OVER again and Skritter refuses to give me any new words in my queue!

So is there a way to have Skritter show me new words as a priority?!? My queue is at 0, I don’t get why it keeps insisting on showing me words I already know (and get 100% on) and not show me new words. Aside from temporarily ‘banning’ words, is there any other way to do it?

I’m using the Android app version.

Thanks all!

What you are describing sounds fishy to me. When I add new words on the iOS version, the new words come right up and it starts asking me about them…that’s why I usually add words manually or via the “slow” setting instead of using “normal”, so I can slow down the rate.

If you hop on the website version, does it also show no items due? When you look at individual words detail info, does it show things due that are not showing up in the app even though they are due? Overall, what you are seeing sounds like misbehavior, based on my experience…one of the other threads was reporting similar misbehavior on Android too.

Edit: here’s the thread I was thinking of: Delayed writing prompt for new words/characters

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Yeah I think I discovered the problem. I ended up banning ALL my words so far and pausing everything but the Radicals, because I find my retention on complicated characters suck so I want to prioritize learning Radicals.

Well I restarted the app, and with the HSK 1 and HSK 2 lists paused and all my words so far banned, it should only be loading Radicals. Well it looks like the Radicals list isn’t working for me at all because my Skritter app now says there aren’t any words to study at all and refuses to add from the Radicals list! So it’s the Radicals list that’s broken for me. Grrr.

Pity since I really wanted that list!!!

Edit: The problem is definitely a bug in the Radicals list. I unpaused the HSK lists and they work fine and I’m getting new words again. I posted on the Bugs forum, hope it gets fixed, I really would like to learn the Radicals!