Items due count and improving the estimates

There is a somewhat hidden feature that can be useful for planning. On the study page ( you will see some text “items due in the next five days: (click to calculate)” .

If you click once it will show five boxes with estimates of the items due in the next five days. The blue graph in the background shows the approximate time of day items are due. This can take a while to calculate and settle down if you have a lot of items…

Finally if you click on one of the five boxes, a popup window will appear and eventually it will give you an estimate of all the words that have initial reviews scheduled in the next 8 weeks, so you can figure out roughly how much time you need to spend on Skritter.

In reality you will practise some of these items more than once and it’s not easy to predict how many times they will come up, as it’s not clear what the interval is.

Devs: would be great to estimate how many times an item will come up including repeats. You already have the retention rate and I think statistics on how many new items are correctly answered first time. If you have a target number of minutes practice per day this should be enough to estimate how many items will get cleared in the next 8 weeks if that rate is kept up, and perhaps also how many items could be added.

I originally suggested this here:

But thought it might be helpful to include some pictures so people know where this feature is.

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