Leeches - automatic detection?

It’s been brought up a few times over the past few years, but I’m wondering if in all the new improvements the Skritter team has plans for identifying and isolating leeches? What’s everyone’s opinion - is noticing them yourself and starring/banning them enough? Or would it be really useful if Skritter told you? I don’t use Anki or any other software that has in-built leech detection so would be interested to hear views of those who do.

Leeches explained by @SkritterOlle:

Previous discussion:

Nick: “Yeah, I had some code for this, but it wasn’t very accurate, so I turned it off as less than helpful based on user feedback, with the intention of reviving it when I had more time to get it going again. It’s one of the features we’re considering doing soon.”

Hi Catherine!

I love the leech system in Anki and I think all SRS should have one. I probably don’t need to tell you that since you linked to my article already, but I just want to confirm that I think it’s a good idea in general. We discussed it on our meeting today and we’ll see what we can do. The problem is to figure out exactly how we want it to work, but if we can come up with a good design, we will probably introduce a leech function in the Android client. I can’t promise any specific time, but it’s on our radar!