Lists Not Resetting?


I recently decided to start learning traditional characters alongside simplified. When I updated the setting on the web client, it asked me if I wanted to reset my lists to add the traditional characters. I chose to reset, but when I visited the lists page, they all have the exact same progress they did before the reset. Is this the expected behaviour? Because I was expecting all the progress bars to go back down to zero until I re-add from the lists.


The lists should have reset to 0 until the traditional characters are added back and progress catches up! I recommend hopping on the legacy web version at:, and then going into each of the lists you would like to reset (by clicking on it’s name), and then going to “Edit study settings”, making sure it’s set to “Add” from the very first section. This should make sure that they are reset so the missing trad writings can be added in.

Do you recall where you had reset the lists from initially?


When I checked the traditional (along with simplified) box in the settings on the (2.0) website and then saved, it asked me if I wanted to reset the lists or not. I said yes, it said “resetting lists” for a while, and then disappeared. But it didn’t seem to change anything in the actual lists.

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