Manual Adding in Large Bulk – Suggestions? Thoughts?

Hi all,

In a bit over a week, I am going to be heading overseas for a few weeks. For the plane ride (24 hours plus), I was thinking about adding quite a bit of words in bulk as I will be out of Wifi range (maybe 300-400 words). I have got quite a few words in waiting in my lists (about 800 words or so) that I have built up as I have been clearing out old reviews from banned words.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts re: this? Do you think it is stupid? I know that I will be getting a few reviews down the track, but I am more concerned about future comprehension. A few things by way of context:

  • I only add the “writing” and “tone” categories for words (unless it is a words with an unknown character), and I ban the “pinyin” and “definition” categories (nb. for definitions I study in Pleco).

  • Related to this, I review all categories for characters, but I only review “tone” for old words and “writing” and “tone” for new words (after a few months I ban “writing” words as I found that it was getting to cumbersome with synonyms etc).

  • I only add words which I have gathered from prior reading, and on Skritter beforehand changed the definition, and an example sentence (usually from where I sourced it, e.g. populace; the masses (e.g. 鼓励~; 中国政府和媒体不断鼓励~投资股票市场; 服务于~)

  • I know about 6500 words and 2500 characters, so I find that when I add new words to Skritter there are between 5-10% which compose new characters I have not seen before.

  • When I go through my initial reviews, I cross over to Pleco to see other definitions and add the part of speech (ATTR., V., N., etc), and add a chinese the definition: N. populace; the masses (e.g. 鼓励~; 中国政府和媒体不断鼓励~投资股票市场; 服务于~) [人民大众].

  • I have got about 7291 reviews coming up over the next 8 weeks.

  • I am happy to study 30-60mins a day (though I am happy to go slightly higher if applicable)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling: