Missing kanji - how to handle?

So I started using the beta again after a gap. I really like some of the usability improvements! And seeing Lists come in finally is really nice. Awesome to see the progress!

I am, however, seeing a lot of missing kanji from words I’m adding myself. The most recent was the 楊 in 楊枝, which I added to my word list a few days ago. I’ve noticed several others as well. While I’m glad that the default behavior for this is to display the character in read-only mode (as opposed to the old behavior of crashing :slight_smile:), it’d be good to get these chars into the database. Should I report these one by one? Or on a central thread somewhere?

I finally decided this month to quit Anki and am using Skritter as my sole study method for words and kanji now, so I’m definitely interested in ensuring the product is as capable as possible.

List functionality will be greatly improved as updates roll out, it’s currently in it’s most basic form on the mobile beta!

Regarding the issue with kanji being skipped over and not allowing you to write it, this is a bug which is being patched up and should hopefully not be an issue in the next update. It’s skipping over characters that you haven’t previously written before. You should be able to “fix” this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which will force the set of characters that were being skipped over to be able to write them. No need to report them individually, but we appreciate it! Sorry about this in the meantime.

Yep - I know it’s a work in progress. What you have is a great start though.

Re: characters - this is actually a problem I noticed after completely uninstalling and reinstalling the beta. I can try that one more time to see if it fixes the issue.