New blog post: The Chairman's Bao, now with Skritter integration

TheChairman’s Bao provides news in Mandarin, written for language learners, with articles sorted by HSK difficulty. This is awesome! What’s even better is that they now offer Skritter integration so you can study the words you learn over there in Skritter!


So the integration is manual, correct? The only way to really add the words from your Chairman’s Bao word list is to download the CSV from Chairman’s Bao and then upload it as a list to Skritter, right?

Chairman’s Bao looks great, but since I haven’t used their word list feature before, it seems better to just use Skritter’s Bookmarklet. Is there something I’m missing here?

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can do it in any more direct way. I still think this feature is useful since you can bulk move words you have already saved in TCB. However, if you haven’t used the service before and just save a few words here and there, perhaps the csv download won’t be very helpful!