Not sure how Skritter works :c

Im very new to Skritter and im not sure how it works. I’ve added a couple of Chinese words and in my vocab list it says i should review them in a couple of days. How do i study new words without studying those words aswell (the ones due to review later)? I’m looking to only study a couple of characters a day (new ones) and not study the ones that arent due to review. Its like using Anki/Memrise and every time i’d learn a new word i’d go through the entire deck. Sorry if i’m explaining this badly but hopefully it makes sense.

Hi there

It sounds like you might want to set your word adding to manual, instead of automatic. That way you can have complete control over how many new words you are seeing when you study. You can change this setting via:

To add a word manually, you can click the (+) button when studying.

You will still be quizzed on any words due for review though, this is to make sure you never forget them! With each successful consecutive time you mark a word correct, it will be much longer until you see it next again. For more info on how this works check out:

If you want though, you can single study a list, which will then make the due items to review just words from that specific list, as well as which words get added. If on the web version, you can use the “Study a single vocab list” link found on:, if on iOS through the Advanced Study menu, and if on Android via the Filters setting screen.

Hope this helps!