Official Beta Release Notes (Version: 3.3.6 300339)

Current Version:

Android beta: 3.3.6 (300339)
iOS beta: 3.3.6 (300339)
Beta release date: 2020-01-20

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3.3.6 v300339 Beta Release Notes:

  • New deck management features
    • Added the ability to copy decks (both official and personal)
    • Added the ability to hide decks from Home and My Library
    • Added the ability to reset deck progress
      • Words unique to the deck will be removed from study queue and My Words
      • Deck progress will be reset
  • Added a sync button to Progress screen
  • Fixed “Tap to Reveal” and “Tap to Advance” areas of learning cards so they respond to taps
  • Fixed a regression causing due cards not to appear when opening the app in offline mode
  • Fixed text size/padding issue on the Test Complete screen
  • Time Attack now defaults to Simplified style on first open (Traditional will stay the primary option selected if you change style)
  • Removed NEO (Beta) theme from the app because issues have become unwieldy :frowning:
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Note: Time Attack supports both Simp and Trad writing styles and has two separate leaderboards for each deck. Toggle globally or on the deck level. In the future Time Attack will default to the current style you’re studying on your account and still support the ability to toggle to the other style

Note: An official “Dark Mode” will be available in the future along with other themes

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