Official Release Notes (Version: 3.2.0 300220)

Current Beta Version:

3.2.0 (300220)
Beta release date: 2019-05-17

Notable Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved spacing for cards in the Review queue
  • Newly learned vocabulary is due for Review without any delay
  • Improvements to stroke order animations
  • Progress indicators for deck sections and individual vocabulary
  • Bug fix for single character tone cards when auto play audio was disabled
  • Cheers and toasts to keep you motivated
  • More sound effects for writing & tone cards

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Previous Release Notes:

3.1.6 (300199)
Beta release date: 2019-03-27

Notable Fixes and Improvements :

  • Back and Forward buttons included in all study modes
  • Learning mode now teaches one item at a time instead of five
  • Learning mode now includes all enabled card types based on user settings
  • Added Quick Settings access to Learn, Test, and Review modes
  • Improved Hide definition, Hide reading, and Auto Reveal functionality
  • Added Auto Advance and Auto Advance Speed to Study Settings
  • Sound effects (switch them on/off on User Account or Quick Settings)

3.1.5 (300179)
Beta release date: 2019-03-07

Release Notes :
More bug fixes and performance improvements

Other notable fixes and improvements :

  • 4-button SRS grading mode has returned. Toggle it on/off on the Study Settings screen
  • Hide Definition and Hide Reading options has returned. Toggle it on/off on the Study Settings screen
  • New items and sections added to lists(Decks) load in the app without logging out and logging in.
  • Improved tone card with a larger canvas, and updated design.
  • Fixed audio bug on tone cards, and now only play audio after completing tones for the whole word.

3.1.5 (300175)
Beta release date: 2019-03-01

Release Notes:
Several fixes aimed at improving sync stability (round 3!)

Other notable fixes and improvements:

  • Updated downloaded audio files on Android to use https
  • Removed extra spaces and fillers from tone prompts
  • Add definition to tone cards to make them more solvable

3.1.5 (300173)
Beta release date: 2019-02-28

Release Notes :
Several fixes aimed at improving sync stability.

Other notable updates :

  • Added SIMP/TRAD indicator for accounts set to “Both”
  • Added fun phrases for certainly activity screens if Eccentric mode is toggled on :slight_smile:

3.1.5 (300171)
Beta release date: 2019-02-26

Release Notes :
We have deployed several fixes aimed at improving sync stability.

Other notable updates :

  • Increased canvas writing size for Review and Test modes on many devices
  • Improvements to loading speed for section browsing, Learn mode, Test mode, and My Words
  • Added A new Reduce- Reuse - Recycle video lesson in Featured Decks
  • Added Subscription buttons and sign up options on certain decks and screens (beta)
  • General bug fixes and improvements