Pen and paper training with Skritter scheduling


Just began to try the app and so far it’s very satisfying for me when using on the cellphone or pad. But besides training in the subway with the smartphone I would it also find quite important to not only learn on the touchscreen, but also with the real pen&paper experience. First because I love to write characters on paper in my style, second it’s still a bit different if you have absolutely no hints and also don’t know if the stroke you made is correct while drawing the character.
So is there a way to use skritter in a way that it just give me the next characters to write with all the scheduling and learning tracking features but no need to write the character on the screen? Just press a button to give a feedback to skritter if I write wrong or correct? That would be very helpful for me.
On the website it seems to work, but it crashes periodically on my pad and in the app I didn’t find a way to achieve this.

This does not fully answer your question, but you can achieve part of your goal by enabling “raw squigs” in your study settings. This will give you fewer hints and will come much closer to real handwriting. I’ve written more about this here:

Improve your character writing by enabling raw squigs

You could reveal the entire character on the app (which automatically marks it as incorrect), then tap to change the grade if needed, and then tap the edge of the canvas to advance to the next prompt. I think this would accomplish the goal!

Jeremy, thanks for the tip, that would be the perefect behavior for me, but unfortunately when revealing the character, skritter does not allow me to mark it as correct or incorrect and jump to the next character without still writing the character in the app. :frowning:

Hmm, is this the iOS app or the Android app you’re referring to? If it’s iOS, you can double tap to reveal the character, and then a red X shows up in the bottom left hand corner-- if you click the X mark it will change the grade to correct, and then you can tap the edge of the writing canvas to advance to the next prompt.

I use the Android app where the double tap function seems to not work. Currently I just do studying at home with writing the characters on paper and a second time in Skritter. Maybe even not such a bad way of learning.
Thank you for your help!

Have you considered purchasing a writing pad through Bamboo?