Please add "forced repetitions"!

Something that I have been missing from skritter that can be found in a lot of other apps is that you dont have to get a word right without help before you can continue to the next one.

Lets say I am practicing writing and the word I am supposed to write is 裹 or whatever. Lets say that I cant remember it and have to press the “eye” to see it so that I can write it. Now, when I’ve “cheated” and written the word skritter marks it as wrong and lets me continue to the next word…BUT, what I would want is skritter to force me to get the word right without having to press the “eye” before I can continue to the next (the word should still be considered as wrong though).

Forcing us to get it right would not only greatly enhance our ability to be able to learn the word, but it would also make us feel better, like “ok, I did not get it right straight away but I made it without help the second/third time”.

Obviously like everything else, “forced repetitions” should be a choose able function since everyone might not like it, but it sure would make a huge difference in learning.

I don’t use other flashcard apps so I don’t have first hand experience of this, but isn’t it pretty much the same as just repeating the character yourself? I usually just erase it and rewrite it until I’m satisfied, then move on. I’ve noticed that (in iOS) the auto advance is delayed if you got it wrong, giving you the chance to do this. And sometimes I don’t want to so it might be annoying to be forced to.
Nevertheless, I’d probably try it out if people wanted it.


If you swipe up or hit the eraser icon, you can rewrite the character and it will still be graded as wrong (like Catherine said!)

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Swipe Up… sweet. I didn’t know this… its good.