Prioritising lists?

Is it possible? What I mean is setting a list as prioritised meaning that when you have several lists selected, you won’t study any words from any other list until all the words in the prioritised list are considered “learned”.

I would like to have a list with words I might encounter in my daily life and wish to learn right away before I continue with my usual lists. I have a list like this but I have to wait forever until the words in that list gets reviewed since I have 1000s of words in other lists that gets reviewed first.

Is there any way to configure this without manually having to fiddle with the filter option every time?

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Currently there isn’t a way to configure this without doing it manually, however an easy method might be to create a weekly list with the word you encounter (opposed to having just one list for this)-- that way you could single study those single lists to force the words into your studies right away which might be handy if the list you’re adding words to gets long.

Thanks for the reply. Here comes the next question/request. How do I know if a list is considered learned?
I tried adding 1 word to a filtered list and studied only that list… and it went on and on and on. No “this list is finished, do you want to continue reviewing?” message.

What I want to do is have a single list where I can review all the words daily. And once the list is completed, I would like to know that so I can go on with my regular studies.

I mean having since kind of message telling you that a list is considered learned or that you’ve reached your daily goal etc seems like kind of a super basic function.

Progress indicators are being implemented! It sounds like some logic will need to be in place for single studying a list when it’s complete, so it doesn’t go on and on. A goal mode is something we also want to hook up (and is available on the 2.0 website)!