Restarting sub lists

Hello, sorry if this is somewhere I did not see. I got really busy with work and have a large review pile that I cannot get rid of, or do very well in. The “list” I am studying has “sub-lists”. I do not want to restart restart, just revert back to starting after the first few of the sub-lists, because they are really basic. If this is not possible, I guess I delete the entire list and re-add the list? Thank you for your time.

Hi! :wave:

If you delete a section of a list, it will remove those words from your studies as well, (as long as those words have only been added from that list section, and not added from other lists as well). If you delete a list or list section, and the words in them have been added from other lists as well, it won’t remove those words from your study. If you delete an entire list and re-add the list, the progress will catch up and be like you hadn’t deleted the list. (Though words are removed from your studies if it’s the only instance in a list that’s deleted, the progress will resume for any word once it’s re-added from another list).

Hope this helps-- let me know if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:

Hey Jeremy, thanks for the fast reply. Sorry for the slow response. Is it possible then to get my account wiped? Or do I need to just make a new one. Thanks!

You can wipe your account and start over from scratch, sure! Here’s a link:

The link will go over what will and won’t be deleted, along with a password confirmation before anything takes place.

Perfect, thanks for your help!