Searching words in my lists

Over the years I have created several custom sentences (usually just put in the definition section of a word). Sometimes I want to retrieve those custom definitions but there is no way for me to search through my lists to locate an entry. Any suggestions? Thanks!

If they are in definitions, you can view all your custom definitions here:
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Alternatively if you know which word you’re looking for you can search for it in “my words”.


Thanks Catherine. Unfortunately I only see 15 results per page. Anyway to search my entire database?

Thanks again,


@117: It does search the entire database, however only 15 results show per page as you’ve noticed. You can advance to the next group of results though, which is still pulling from the entire database.

Alternatively you could go into a list, view it’s contents, and then visually scan for the ones that contain the example sentence in the definition edit.