Skritter Automatic Subscription Problem


Hi, I have some problem with automatic subscription and this affect my study on Skritter. I started one year subscription through PayPal from August 9, 2017 and should be charged again on August 9, 2018. But, until today (August 13, 2018) it hasn’t been charged. Anyway, this affected my study because i can’t add new words again since August 10, 2018. I think this happen because I hasn’t been charged so my account was detected as “not subscribed” account.

So, any solution for this problem?
Thank You.

P.S. I already contacting Skritter Customer Servive ( with more detail explanation, but still no response so i post it here.


I’ve manually updated your subscription time, it looks like it wasn’t automatically applied properly. Sorry for the inconvenience! We aren’t in our offices during weekends (US timezone), which is why we weren’t able to fix this over the weekend. Sorry for the delay!

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