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Hello, I’ve been using Skritter from about one month and it’s great :slight_smile: however in these days I’m having a couple of issues that prevent me from using it more. When I use it on desktop, there is no problem at all, but on my Android phone, recently I’m experiencing two problems:

  • In some writing exercises, when I should draw a hanzi, Skritter shows me the completed hanzi and only prompts me to tap to skip it. On the desktop version I’m asked to draw them as usual instead;
  • In some tone exercises for disyllabic words, I input the tone of the first hanzi and then Skritter rapidly skips the second one. I’m still able to tap the left arrow, return to the skipped hanzi and input the tone, but this is a big problem.

I repeat none of these issues is present on the desktop version…




Thanks for your report!

This should hopefully be patched up in the next update.

This is also related to the first issue you mentioned and will hopefully be fixed in the next update.


In the meantime you can redownload your data on mobile to temporarily fix these 2 issues. It will occur again for words with new characters you add afterwards though.


thanks to both! I’ll try argead’s solution while waiting for the patch :frowning:

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