Skritter Josh what do you think of FRP?

After seeing the video at the bottom of this page
I was blown away buy how how it was used to debug the presenters example web app.

Skritter Josh since you are using web technology to make the Android app I am interested in your thoughts on Funtional Reative Programing.

They are some pretty cool looking examples and it looks like it’d be useful when debugging apps that are fairly synchronous in nature. I’m not too sure how well it’d fair with applications with asynchronous activities going on though, but I haven’t had too much of a chance to read into it. Right now we primarily just use Jasmine for our BDD tests and the Chrome console for the nitty gritty debugging of both errors and performance issues.

Web technologies are evolving at such a rapid rate it’s hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for the share!

Although I am interested in web programming I do not program. However that also means I google a lot of things I don’t fully comprehend. When you mentioned not knowing how well Functional Reactive Programming would work with asynchronous activities I remembered this site.

https: //

I put some space between the : and / because the site was trying to put the whole page in the post and it was rendering it wrong. Do you know why it just made a link in my first post but tried to render the page in this post? The first one I typed out on my iPad but this one I used my computer. Would that have anything to do with it?

If you’re interested then I hope that site helps.

I think I particularly like this graphic: