Skritter Mobile Beta Updates


It looks like the iOS and Android versions aren’t exactly the same.


I decided to continue using the beta app even if the hide definition toggle is not there. I expirienced a very weired scenario where the app and website lost synch.

i had 230 reviews today and i brought it down to 150. on the 150th card which was a writting review sentense i made a mistake on the first character by accident and there was no back button to correct my mistake so i pressed the back button of my note9 and it took me to the home page of the app.

The home page said i had 150 reviews. the second step with the toggles and drop down also said i had 150 reviews. when the test started it to took me back to the beginning of 230 reviews.

i went back to the home page of the app and it still said i had 230 reviews. i pannicked that i lost my reviews.

i checked the website and it was down to 130 reviews.

so at the end i synchronized the app and it went back to normal, to 150 reviews. there must be a bug still with the synchronization.


I have the latest beta (3.1.5 300179) on iOS and syncing is completely broken. Here is what happened today :
On the homepage it says that I have about 190 reviews. When I clicked on review, it then said I had only 95. I review until I’m down to 35, at which point a writing card is marked as red while I’m sure i did it correctly. Fine, it can happen, so I just pressed the back button and set the last card to correct, but then it wouldn’t move to the next card or to the menu, so I quit the app and reopen it. The counter was still at 35 but when I started my review again, i was presented with the same cards as those I had earlier at the beginning of my previous review. I reviewed those anyway, finished the session and went back to the menu to be met with a 65 card review counter. Now I’m kinda lost but I decide to try and review those 65 cards that came out of nowhere but the overview page wouldn’t load at all.
I’m gonna try to redownload everything but in my experience, the last version is the worst ever with syncing…


Yes I am having the same problem. Sometimes it get fixed by closing and opening the app several times a row


the app got stack while reviewing this card. did the spaces tone reviews bug get fixed? i reviewed a lot of cards the last couple of days and i did not encounter any issues. i assumed it got fixed…


This will take effect in the Review mode, however the Test mode has just two grading options even with the option on (since it’s a test and it needs to grade things as correct or incorrect for the final overall grade).

This was fixed, however it’s possible that the build you’re using doesn’t include the fix. I would double check to make sure you’re up to date and if you’re still running into this, please shoot us an email at!


Will there be a volume off button anytime soon?


i will do. it was strange i only got stuck on this sentense(你有问题). the other sentenses where fine. now i by passed it by switching back to the old skrittet. any updates on the hide reading functionality for writting reviews?


Yes, this is being worked on right now!

There’s a “Hide definition” and “Hide reading” option available in the latest build. :slight_smile:


the hide reading is there but is not working when doing writting tests.


Just what I was going to say. It works for tone reviews but not writing reviews.


Hi, I have tried out the current Android Beta again and there still seems to be alot missing from the old app. Let me start with what I like though:

  • new writing input recognition (seems more accurate)
  • overall design
  • continue to next card directly on tapping grading button
  • new learn/test modes
  • seeing progress on lists that i am studying
  • progress info (with activity feed)

However there are a few changes / features missing from the old app that are pretty serious in my opinion:

  • detailed grading buttons (wrong, unsure, good, easy)
  • adding new items to review while reviewing (drawn from all current lists)
  • per character mnemonics (the ones i have been writing myself, now i only see some default ones and i believe they are also per word level)
  • adding new items to a list
  • showing my banned words

I have posted about the grading buttons before and I believe you are bringing them back? Adding new items while reviewing is absolutely essential for me, I like having new words from multiple lists, this is not possible by doing learn mode. Also I would like the see new words appear in my review on the same day. Is it possible to just have this old way of adding new items next to the learn mode method? Then everyone can decide which way they want to use the app. About the mnemonics, what is your plan? Are you gonna add back my own definitions? This would be a major loss, I am using them rather often for the compound characters. Couldn’t you show the default one as a word-level mnemonic and the user defined ones on a character level both at the same time in the info screen? Or enable toggling them?

Furthermore there are a few things that are not optimal in my opinion:

  • Deck previews are too big when browsing lists, I would like an option to just how the titles
  • It is annoying to have to press long to show the next stroke, why not just leave it as it is with a short tap?

All in all I really like your ideas with the new learn and test modes and I think it is a good way of enhancing the app to appeal to more different study methods. I just feel like you are neglecting some of the features that are available in the old app which are quite essential to some people. In my opinion the features I mentioned about that are still missing should be integrated in the new app as soon as possible, new versions should not lose features that many people rely on in their daily study.

One feature that I think would be super useful is to add a skip button so you can skip (and mark as ‘good’/‘easy’) a single character in a word. I have seen this mentioned before and I think this would be a major time saver for word with 不,的,得 etc. This should also be trivial to implement, the question is only where to place such a button. What do you think about this?


i think it is better this way because it avoids accidenral mistakes and before i used to see the next stroke when i was about to write and it used to upset me. maybe a toggle to enable disable long touches will be a good idea.

the detailed grading is there. you just need to enable it. the switch its in the study settings right at the top.


I think you are right, everyone has different preferences, so best would be to offer both options.

thanks, i didn’t see the different sections in the settings screen.


I have noticed that in the new skritter, if I learn say 10 new words one day, the first 30 reviews of the next day will be those 10 words. I think it’s kind of useless because I would then for example be asked for a definition and hear the word, and then it would ask for the pronunciation only two cards after, even if I have 100+ items to review.
I think it would be nice to be able to shuffle the reviews to avoid that.


just a thought, to have another set of reviews with translation. for example to show the english definition and think the chinese.

maybe the reading and definition cards to be merged in to one.

i like the way the new writting tells you the word and you have to write it.this a combination of 听力 and writting. shame i have to disable the reading and audio when the disable reading toggle is fixed.

also it would be nice for words and sentenses with no translation to have automated/robotic/google translate audio, the same way pleco works with their vocab.


Just some more things I noticed:

  • major issue: can’t see progress for current week/month (i use this to keep track of my progress and goals of how many new words and characters i am learning daily on average)
  • long loading of review and learn mode
  • need to press button to continue when doing learn mode (why not enable just pressing the written character just as in review mode?)
  • choosing a different grading than the suggested one seems a bit buggy, only works when pressing longer (at least it still shows the old grading when going back a card after just quickly pressing another grading)
  • i personally would prefer if the writing field took up the whole width of the screen, just as it used to


when is hide reading for writting going to be fixed. the writting tests are super easy when you can read the pinying. i feel that i am cheating.


i just lost over 100 reviews because i closed the app by accident. i am gutted:(. do we always need to click the x button every time we stop reviewing?


You would need to either finish the entire review session or use the X button to leave the review session to make sure the reviews are saved. If the app is force closed before this you would unfortunately lose any completed reviews in that session.