Skritter Mobile Beta Updates


i just lost over 100 reviews because i closed the app by accident. i am gutted:(. do we always need to click the x button every time we stop reviewing?


You would need to either finish the entire review session or use the X button to leave the review session to make sure the reviews are saved. If the app is force closed before this you would unfortunately lose any completed reviews in that session.


This is already hooked up in the latest internal build and will be available soon!

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This is something that is currently being worked on, good point!

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why though. the previous versions were saved on the fly?

i recommend then in the drop down when we choose the number of cards. the default value to be 10 cards and all cards to be the last option. this way people can save their progress more freguently and also avoid people with big nunber of reviews, loosing them if close the app by accident.

another solution would be nice if the review is idle for few minutes to submit the results automatically.

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How soon is soon? Last I heard it was supposed to be available later this week, but now it’s Sunday so…

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Should be later this week. We were waiting to finish up work on a larger feature and need to do some testing/verification before release. Sorry for the delay!


So we will see it today?

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Would it be possible to just bring out the hide reading for writing cards in a small update even if the larger feature you’re working on still isn’t ready?


when is the next beta update?

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They said on the other thread it was pretty much ready last Friday but they didn’t want to release it before a weekend.

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We just submitted the beta builds to Apple and Google :slight_smile:

The TestFlight build needs to be approved by Apple, but I’ll be updating the official release notes later this evening for 3.1.6 (300199) once my kiddo is asleep for the night.

Stay tuned!

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thanks guys, i saw the hide reading is working, cannot wait to test it more. i also like the new navigation system. What new features can we expect from the beta app in the near future?

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i after an hour and half commuting and going through offline and online mode, and going though small review sets of 10, everything seem to run smoothly.

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The latest Japanese beta is looking much, much better.

One glaring “feature” of the app is the presence of romaji. I feel like Skritter is the first place I’ve seen romaji used in years, and it’s quite jarring. I understand it’s important for people learning hiragana and katakana, but you really need to kick romaji to the curb as soon as you can and never look back. Or, as I read the expert say in the “Olle Learns Japanese” blog entry:

“The best part of Romaji is that once you’ve learned kana, you can (and should) immediately throw it out. It’s a necessary crutch to learn kana and how it’s pronounced, but kana should only be used moving forward once you’ve learned both Hiragana and Katakana.”

There really needs to be a way to completely eradicate it from the UI. That means no kana->romaji card, and other kana-only cards shouldn’t display it anywhere, ever.

Turning off “Study Kana” isn’t a viable option, since it turns off the meaning->kana card and the pre-filled okurigana make the kanji writing cards a less effective tool.

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The adding of new vocab is a pain for me :confused:
I’m at a point, where I generally know how a character is to be written (sometimes the differences of the Japanese stroke order to the Chinese one throw me off, but that’s super neglectable). Which is to say, the stroke order animations aren’t very important to me anymore.
Now, it’s seems its only possible to add one new word at a time, which takes up a lot of time, as I intend to add one section per day from the nihongo no Sou Matome lists (I’ve done this the past couple of days and I can cope with the load of vocab).
With the old beta, one could at a batch of 20 words at a time, even before the last update, it was possible to add several new words at once. Now this seems to be completely gone.
Maybe it’s possible to add settings how new words should be learned/added?


yes I totally agree. Now it takes so much time to add new vocabulary. that should be definitely changed in the next beta

PS. but I definitely like the new learning mode! Much more comprehensive

PPS. but I still find that the loading processes take too much time. Is there any way to shorten these?

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sorry i just noticed the new learning mode. i agree adding one card at a time is a pain. its super slow. before when adding 5 at a timd was much better.

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I like the new iOS build a lot :

  • The sounds and the colors make it more friendly and clear in my opinion
  • The new system to learn new words is better I think. I think the old one where we needed to tap on a particular button to advance to the next card was cumbersome
  • going back and forth is less buggy

However I still have some complains :

  • the app overall still feels very unresponsive. As I said before it feels like I’m slowly loading webpages when navigating in the menus. Isn’t everything supposed to be downloaded already ?
  • with that comes the lack of intuitive gestures like swipe from the left of the screen to go back in menus, lack of bouncing when reaching the top and bottom of lists.
  • lots of text throughout the app is selectable where it shouldn’t.

I haven’t had the occasion to test if there were some improvement on the SRS, mainly my grip with newly learned words appearing in succession in a review session rather than shuffled among the other review cards.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the new update! I’m SO happy to see the hide reading function available. The new learning mode is pretty good too, that you go through every type of card, not just the writing.

However, it’s SOOOOOOOOO slow. The learn mode has always been frustratingly slow, but now that every. single. word brings you back to the percentage wheel thing, I’m spending more time waiting for the app to respond than I am learning anything. Why can’t it just be a continuous thing and when you’re ready to stop learning you use a back button to go to the main Learn menu? It’s pretty infuriating always waiting for the thing to update. It also makes me skip the word I just learned, thereby making me wait TWICE for the percentage wheel to update so I can continue learning.

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