Skritter Mobile Beta Updates



First internal build went out to our entire team in early January and part of the team is working on it actively now, and studying with it daily.

We’re going to do our best to start posting weekly updates about what we’re working on and working hard to get this app into your hands as quick as we can!

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Would be glad to hear something about the progress being made today :slight_smile:



Hey, today specifically, some of the larger issues the engineering team tackled involved fixing up a bug on syncing reviews for traditional vocabs and fixing an audio storage issue on Android.
Personally, today I worked on improving loading progress indicators during review queue loading, optimized some loading operations, fixed up a bug related to respecting user enabled parts settings, improved local cache overriding functionality, improved banned and starred word logic, and refactored our list progress calculation for greater accuracy. And then I took a lunch break. :slight_smile:

But if you’re looking for a larger picture progress update, check out what I wrote over here!



ok, so I downloaded the new app for Japanese on my iPad. Looks great, finally it’s possible to draw the little circle of ぱ、ぷ :blush: yay for that
but where did all the Kanji go? Or more specifically, why do I only get prompts to write kana?Furthermore, the backlog of reviews on the iOS-app is about 100 (cards? reviews? items?) higher than on my android phone or on the webpage -and- there are suddenly Katakana/transcription-words that never appeared on my list before.
So far I’m happy with the result and I’m looking forward for the Chinese release. Yet, since I don’t really care to study transcription-words that much, I’ll continue to use my the old beta for the time being. :smile:



Thanks for the heads up! If you’d like, you could try deleting the app (latest build) and reinstalling it which should hopefully sort out the issue with kanji prompts not showing up. We’re gearing up for that Chinese release!

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Didn’t really help :confused: ( I also deinstalled the old app). It’s possible to get Kanji prompts when studying the individual word lists, but not in the aggregated list.

There is no button for adding new words either :thinking::crazy_face:?



Is it likely to see the Chinese App by the end of this week?



After working through the review list, my guess is on the old beta were a lot of “transcription-words” (words in Katakana) that just never showed up. At the end I had some “ransom Kanji-words” appearing.

However, still no way to add new words :wink: most users probably want to do that at some point

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@farham I think when the mention of a matter of days versus weeks was made, Chinese New Year wasn’t taken into account. @SkritterMichael can update on the progress!

@MiaoM Ah-hah, that would explain the behavior. I’ve checked up on the next 100 items due for review, and it looks like most of them are all kana. I might recommend banning those as they come up so you don’t have so many kana only reviews, if you’d like.



Hey, we’re close to a release, but some of the team (including myself) took last week off for Chinese New Year, so we decided not to flip the switch with a half-manned ship. Additionally, we all did a lot of studying over the vacation and discovered some of bugs that we want to fix up before the initial release. It’s really just a matter of polish and stability at this point. We want to produce an initial release that just works (as relatively smoothly as an initial release can work :grimacing: ) for the vast majority of our users on day one rather than release something too early that almost works.



Thanks for the reply! Definitely, a (fully) stable release is much more appreciated! So I assume we can expect that new app somewhat by next week.



I’d say sooner :slight_smile: Make sure you’ve opted in as an iOS beta tester on TestFlight!



Ohh, I deleted the beta and TestFlight because you said the next build will be released in the App Store. So it will be a beta again? I mean nothing wrong about that, but then I will definitely install TestFlight again!



Yes, it will be delivered as a beta on TestFlight. This is the direct link you’ll want to open up:



Hey MiaoM,

Sorry we didn’t make this clear, but the way to add new words to your REVIEW queue is to go into LEARN mode within a deck. When you click GOT IT, or SKIP, it will add to the queue. If you want to add lots of words to the REVIEW queue, just hit SKIP.

We made a video about some of the new changes here (for the Chinese app), but the UI is almost the same.

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Great news! When can we expect the android beta though? Itching here.



I’ve been using the last usable beta for Android (2.15? Something like that) for several months and it’s definitely on its last legs. It no longer shows progress and loses the timer anytime I exit out of studying. This is still tracked on the website so I didn’t panic too much. Today, it stopped loading at all and says I’m not connected to data.

So I’m hoping against all hope that the Android version is available ASAP because I literally use Skitter for 2 to 3 hours a day, it’s my primary source of studying for the TOCFL, which is coming up in a month, and without it I will be lost with what exactly to do. So please please please give me some good news!



Sorry to keep you waiting! Taiwan team will be winding down the work week soon and we really want to avoid a weekend release, especially with a new app that hasn’t been tested outside of the Skritter team, but there is a strong chance that we’ll ship Android beta early next week!

Best of luck on your TOCFL exam! I found the test books they have to also be a good source to study from for at least one round of testing. After that its way too easy to remember the answers unless you really put the books down for a while :frowning:

We’re working to get the new Android beta out as soon as we can. I hope the new study modes are a boost to your test prep!




silly question, is the new beta app going to replace the old one? at the moment i like the current beta, it works quiet well.

Today i got my hands on the ios beta on my wife’s iphone and i realised that the hide definition and hide reading buttons are missing. Will the new android beta be the same? I usually study with these options turned off.



The original iOS app will still be around for awhile, however once the beta is ready it will replace the original Android version first.

Not everything has been added in yet, thanks for the heads up!

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