Skritter Mobile Beta Updates


I’ve retransferred your study data and recommend reinstalling just one more time. The next update should fix up this behavior as well.


@Jeremy. Thanks, but it didn’t seem to work. Writing is even worse now. However, multi-tone reviews are working!

I deleted the beta and reinstalled. I then proceeded to do about 60 reviews on the beta and never saw a single writing prompt. I also noticed that my number of reviews never dropped below 47 no matter how many in a row
I got right. It would go up periodically, and then would decrease, but never below 47.

I then pulled up the Classic iOS app, which came up right away with several writing prompts, and proceeded to quickly drop my reviews down to 13. I stopped at the beginning of a writing prompt and went to the main menu, and watched Classic client synch.

I then went back to the beta, watched it resynch, and proceeded to do about twenty reviews. No writing prompts came up, and my number due would never drop down below 13.

Next quit, and wrote this up.

Something is amiss.


Hey guys.

For some reason I cant turn off the sound when reviewing tones on my samsung s8. I have turned of audio and sound effects but once I have swiped the correct tone, the character sound still automatically plays. The only way to solve it is to manually turn down the media volume on my phone.

edit I also just found another really annoying issue when reviewing tones. If you review tones for a word with 2 or more characters, once you’ve swiped the tone for the first character it simply skips over the rest of the characters in the word and goes straight for the next card.

Also, is there any way to turn off the “added a new character” notifications? The notification blocks stuff.



+1 for this. It’s unnecessary for it to be so in-your-face… It could be much more ambient, or at least switch-offable.


I’ve opened an issue for this, thanks for the heads up!

This should hopefully be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, you might be able to “fix” this by deleting the app and reinstalling it.

The UI isn’t done yet! Ideally notifications don’t block any information.


Is there maybe any information when we could expect the update? Likely to happen this week? Sorry for impatience, but the above mentioned bugs really got annoying and stopped me studying. Thanks for your kind reply


This is a significant update which has been difficult to predict when it will be ready, however it’s nearly there and shouldn’t be too much longer. I realize this isn’t a definitive ETA, though!


I started using the website until the beta bugs are fixed. It works well enough in the interim.

It’s also a big throwback given all the work that’s gone into the beta. Makes me realize how much I appreciate the new features. So thanks again Skritter devs. Looking forward to the seeing word adding work again.

Though be sure to check your settings - they’re not synced with the app. I started getting more words added then I meant to.



I’m currently version ‘Beta 3.0.18’ and noticed there is no character trace function. Usually if I didn’t know a character I would be able to trace over the character (to learn the strokes) and then it would be marked as unknown for further scheduling. I found this to be a very helpful feature. Is it hidden somewhere or in the development pipeline?



In beta 3.0.18, I have trouble syncing. Sync seems to be stuck for minutes, and due count is super high (1900 vs 100 in the native iOS app).


Instead of buttons, this can be toggled by gestures. Here’s a link to a guide:

I see there are currently 112 items due for review on your account. As a first step, I recommend deleting the app and reinstalling a fresh copy. Please let me know how that goes!


Hey guys, any new information for us? Still sorry for impatience, I know it is annoying to hear. Just curious about the current status. Cheers! :slight_smile:


We’re gearing up for internal testing, this is a fairly drastic update but it’s sooner to being ready than the last mention of this. I wish we could provide an ETA. It should be soon!


Thanks for your kind reply, hope to see it as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Is it possible to implement a dark mode theme within the app?


We’ve been discussing different theme options and a dark mode is definitely something that will be making it’s way in. :smiley:



The Beta app is looking much better now as compared to last year.

May I discuss a few things?

  • Please don’t forget to add the option to select and study multiple lists. This is very crucial for instance to study certain jlpt levels together.

  • Is the font size for kanji/hanzi in the main panel (vocab checking) deliberately chosen to be so small? There’s heaps of space to enlarge the vocabulary and that might even help memorizing. Maybe we can have a font size option?

  • The back and forward arrows are also tiny. I miss the possibility to tap the side of the screen to go forward and backwards.

  • an option to switch kana on and off would be nice for people who know how to write kana and want to focus on kanji.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for this! Sizing of things (like text) are subject to change, it has been pointed out by many the font is a bit on the small side.

You can turn kana handwriting off! There’s an option in your account’s study settings named “Study kana” which you can toggle on and off. :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy

Thanks for pointing out the option with Kana. And glad you’re on increasing the font size.

A few more things:

It would be nice to be able to, like in the old app, to reveal stroke after stroke by repeatedly tapping the panel. Now it only indicates a hint of the next stroke. Before we were able to go through all strokes, reveal the character, and then go on to the next character (very useful).
As it looks this functionality would not conflict with the current handling.

Also a problematic issue:

After updating to iOS12 (not sure if this is connected to this), now the same words are presented over and over again even if solving them correctly. The app just doesn’t change to a new word. Can you tell me how to fix this?



You can tap and hold the canvas to reveal the character, or use two fingers to tap and hold the canvas to enable teaching mode!

I’ve retransferred your account data and recommend logging out and logging back into the app which should hopefully fix the looping issue with the words. If your queue is low, I would also add a few more items using the (+) button.