Skritter Mobile Beta Updates


Thanks for pointing that functionality out. The new tap options look nice.

Thanks for resetting the database. It definitely fixed the over and over repetition of vocabulary. It still does show same vocab multiple times after each other, so could it be that automatic adding of new words is a bit slower than before?

By the way it would be nice if we could have a little bigger color indicator whether the card was answered correctly or not. Have you thought about halo-ing the whole hanzi/kanji red yellow or green depending on whether we correctly answered the card?

Alternatively some option for hanzi coloring based on its tone for the Chinese app (like in Pleco) would be cool.

Just a few ideas. Thanks.


The legacy web client works this way, and I’m a fan! Not only is the grade easy to assess, but it looks pretty cool.

This sounds like a good idea. Tone colors might conflict a bit with grading colors and make it confusing, though.


Tone colours aren’t a problem for Japanese


Loving the beta so far! The SRS works even better than in the non-beta Play Store version, so kudos for that!

Also, as others have already said, not a fan of:

  • Mnemonics. I don’t know who is the person behind them, but most don’t make any sense! Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to thinking things in a weird way, but this is just overkill. Would it be possible to implement some kind of toggle to turn them off?

  • Pleco button location. I think we all agree it’s a must, and I’d love to have it in the main screen, specially considering all that blank space. If it’s because of UI concerns, actually it shouldn’t be that difficult since there’s already three buttons in the top bar… Maybe you could exchange it for the mnemonics button?

  • Stability. Every 15-20min the app crashes on an LG-G6 with Oreo and not many apps running in the background. It only takes 10 seconds to go back to studying, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

My two cents. Keep up the good work!


I know you’ve got nothing better to do but my two cents worth is that a Jisho button is just as essential as a Pleco button :slight_smile:


And please don’t forget the Midori button for the Japanese app as in the old version.


Any new information about a possible release? Thanks for your kind reply :slight_smile:


We don’t have an ETA for the release, but we are working hard to get that point!


Any word on the next beta? It’s been a long time since the last update, and with old Skritter not working on iOS 12, the bugs on beta are starting to become really grating. Would love to see a fix for the new kanji issue in particular.



I’ve been using the Japanese beta since the demise of the old skritter and have to say that I am really disappointed my my learning experience. A few things:

  1. The loss of automatically adding words is not only annoying but has also slowed down the pace of my learning as I have to remember to constantly add new words

  2. Whenever new words are added i have to log out and back into the the app as the writing for kanji does not work when they are first added

  3. I have a strange bug that whenever the writing for 死ぬ (!) appears it constantly loops so I cannot progress any further without having to log out and back in again

  4. When I log into the website there is a whole host of hiragana/katakana only words that are not on my review list in the app

I subscribe to this app because i want to supplement my Japanese studies. However, it now feels like I am paying to support developers, develop an app for Japanese learners.

It would be useful if you could share when these bugs will be fixed, a timeline to release of the next beta and when (if ever) the old skritter will be back up and running.

Is Skritter still being actively developed?

First off I would to apologize for how long this is taking. This next update very well may be the most significant update Skritter has seen, which is why it’s been taking so long. We are still working with Apple to reach a solution with the original Japanese iOS app on iOS 12. In addition to this, we hope that the beta app will out perform the original iOS app in every way, making the original app the lesser of the two. We’ve been trying to put together a timeline of upcoming updates, however it’s not set in stone yet.

Regarding the bug with 死ぬ (what a word to have this bug on!), you can work past this by disabling the Study Kana option in your study settings.

Would you be able to provide a list of the hiragana/katakana words showing up on the website that are not showing up on the app?


So I guess you cannot firmly answer any of my questions and I will have to use workarounds to continue studying?

The list of words showing on the website but not the app are as follows:


Is the Study Kana option on or off in your settings? Hoping to figure this one out soon!


Hi - It’s on.


Hmm, I’ve retransferred your study data-- would you be able to delete and reinstall the app to see if those kana items show up?


I deleted and reinstalled but the same issue is occurring I’m afraid.


I too feel like I’m not paying for the service I wanted. I think that a subscription service, unlike a one time purchase, ought to be always up to date and always improving. Sadly I’ve been stuck with no good version of Skritter for a long time now and I’m pondering renewing my annual subscription when the time comes in November. Hearing you saying it will be the biggest update of all, it feels like you’re starting from scratch for the third time. I want to believe you and I hope the big update will be good and will come before the end of my subscription.


I also feel like the service is steadily deteriorating. And you’ve made no commitment as to when a new beta will be released that wipes out all of the bugs we are currently struggling with. Disappointing.


Unfortunately my study progress has massively slowed down due to the above mentioned problems. I honestly do not blame the developers for taking their time to get things right, as we are heading into a huge update. However, priority should always lie on reliability. The above mentioned problems are known for 2 months already. That means my study progress has been negatively influenced for many weeks. That said, I only ask you for one thing for the future: please provide at least a small update to fix the most severe bugs, so your paying users can keep studying properly. In the meantime, you can work on the bigger updates in the background. I guess nobody would blame you for this kind of approach.

Btw: I know that using the mobile website is an alternative, however I feel much more comfortable using the app. Hence, the mobile website hasn’t been a true alternative for me.

@ skritter developers: please do not regard this as blaming. Rather see it as a kind advise from the perspective of your users. As we do not know about your internal plans, the current situation has indeed become frustrating.


Another bug - my review list yesterday was 266 however it took +800 reviews to get it to zero.
Any reason for this?