Skritter not adding new words?


Since the android mobile app still is unusable, I have been using the desktop version of skritter on my phone.

I’m studying all the 6 hsk lists but for sombre reason I am stuck practicing the same words over and over. I don’t have any limit to how many words I can add pet day. When I try to manually add words I get a message saying that the are no more words to add, even though there are thousands of words in my 6 lists.

I have tried removing the lists and adding them again, I have tried clearing browser cache, all to no avail.

What’s wrong?


I’m seeing the same problem today with the (apparently unusable) Android app. I get a new “Looking for 1 word.” popup after pretty much every completion, but no new words are ever found.


I’m having difficulty as well, since the latest release. I have three lists, each of which has new words that could be added. Using the add new dialogue from the android app doesn’t add anything, but doesn’t pop up a notification saying it couldn’t add anything, either. There’s a little blue bar on the top that rolls past for a while, then gives up. Using the web client, I can try to add words. In this case, it tells me there’s no new words to add. These lists worked fine last week. I’m testing a bit more before sending in an email to support.


I’m using the beta for android and I don’t have any issues with adding cards. Maybe the problem is – also – connected to the device and the version of android? (As well as the version of the app?)


In my case, the problem was a subscription that somehow got stuck in the past. Skritter was in some weird state where it missed a subscription renewal but simultaneously didn’t identify the subscription as having ended (which would be incorrect but at least consistent). So both the web and Android UIs said everything is hunky-dory but flashcard addition silently didn’t work. If the next-payment date on your billing page is in the past, then maybe this is happening to you.


Not good…
Thanks for the information, I’ll keep an eye on that :confused:


@Neophox Are you still running into any issues adding words? I’ve given this a test on the web using your account and it appears to be adding words successfully.


Nope, things are working again for me. Similar to powelliptic, it was a subscription problem. In my case, it was a renewal that was declined due to a maxed out card. I didn’t check the payment due date, so I can’t confirm if it was in the past. I found the problem when I noticed Skritter trying to charge my card again a few days after the first failed attempt.