Stopping “auto-advance” if pulling up the info menu?

Can the “countdown” to autoadvance to a new character be cancelled or paused if the user hits the “i” button? I frequently will be doing my reviews and then want to look something up in Pleco. So, I “finish” the review for that character, and as the 1second counter is still displaying the increment bar across the top, I hit the “i” and then hit the Pleco button. About half the time I’m fast enough to get into Pleco with the current character, whereas the other half, Pleco opens showing the next review item.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to cancel the autoadvance if the user opens a menu of any type?

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Yes. We’ll open an issue for it!

Note. moving this into “Skritter Apps” and treating this like a bug since our intention is not to make you rush against the clock when looking at info or anything like that.

Thanks for the report!