Strange stroke order for words containing 冂

For words containing 冂, such as 高, skritter uses a strange stroke order.

I’ve always learnt it was two strokes for 冂. This way gao1 has 10 strokes. for the bottom part, you draw the 冂 first and 口 last.
(In this case it’s not neccesary to draw the inside first and then close, because 冂 is open)

I thought it was this way before in skritter, too.
Maybe both are correct, but then it would be nice to have both options available in skritter.

I learnt writing this way by online resources such as:高

which all use this stroke order

and also my various chinese teachers, and my mom, who taught me to write this way.

The stroke order I get in Skritter is the same as in Yellow Bridge:


Are you seeing something different?

There is a two-stroke shortcut for 口 where you do a 丨 and then a z type of shape, but this shouldn’t affect the overall stroke order.

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I’m getting this for some reason: 丶,一,口,丨, 一, 口,亅

Also the stroke order for some words containing the radical 女 is inconsistent. Some versions (i.e. 妹) don’t accept the two-stroke shortcut, while others (such as 姐) do.