Studying Writing First, Readings and Definitions Later?


What happens if a list I am studying only tests writing (i.e., readings and definitions are disabled) and I “finish” that list (i.e., all of the characters/words in the list are mature), and I then enable readings and definitions? Will new items become available, starting from the very beginning of the list?

For example, if the first words of the list is…

日本 にほん Japan

…at first, I will only learn to write 日 and 本. I will never be tested on reading it as にほん or being tested on knowing that it means “Japan”. However, if I finished the entire list this way, studying only writings, and then later enabled readings and definitions, will new items appear, started with teaching me to read 日本 as にほん or testing that I know 日本 means “Japan”?

Thank you!


For Remembering The Kanji it won’t be added if you just review. But that list is a bit special, I don’t know about the other lists.


If you have readings and definitions disabled, and then later turn them back on, words (moving forward from the current adding position of the list) will start to add readings and definitions, however it won’t automatically go back and add any readings and definitions that were skipped over.

If you’d like to make sure that those are added into your studies, you can reset the adding position of the list (which skips over anything already added) and will add things that were skipped over. To do this, you can click on the list’s name, then change the “Settings”, making sure it’s set to “Add” from the first section (and making sure you save the changes).

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