Suggestion for audio skill training

I really love scritter because it helpes to train all the skills - writing, definition, tones, pinyin, All but one - listening. I know the problem of omonims - the characters and words which sound the same, but have different meanings and actually are different strokes. What I was thinking about - it’s possible if we put aside the meaning and the stroke and stay with pinyin and tone only.
For example the voice pronounce shūrù - the user should recall the pinyin and the answer will be shown as shūrù. If there is only one definition for such a word, than probably it will be shown as well, but if it is complicated only audio challenge which connects the audio and pinyin without the definition would be enough.
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This has come up many a times! It’s something we’ll consider moving forward, however there aren’t any immediate plans to implement this in the near future. The one issue with this (as you’ve touched on) is the large number of homophones, so isolating it down to a list or a category would makes things much clearer.

I will be very happy for this. There are audio training apps, but they work only on one syllable, not the words, while it is extremely important to understand the words as well, since syllable sounds differently while as a part of a word. Moreover, Training the same words I learned through Scritter would be better than creating list or using other app’s list.
As scritter works with pleco dictionary, you can just create a link to the search by pinyin in pleco for those who want find out what are the words which have this pinyin. The target in such a training is to recognize the sound and not to learn the definition.
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I’d like to chip in here as well. This would help me A LOT, and since it seems a popular request, I really think it should be moved to the front of the priority list.

Just asking for pinyin for character/word sounds should be all that is needed here! Please, do consider this!



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