Tone adding doesn't work


After some years I decided to get back into skritter.

I tried resetting my account multiple times ( I still see info from 2010 and 2013 in my HSK lists ).
I can’t add tones to study. even if i disable all other study modes it just shows 0 and claims my current active listst are 100% completed.


Do you happen to remember if you reset your study data using the 2.0 site (

If so, I recommend giving this another go using the legacy site’s “Delete all” feature, at:

Please let me know how this goes!


i deleted through both, several times before starting over


so with only tone studying enabled. If I go to the list overview and click study on a list it will just loop on the loading screen, telling me its adding words and loading but nothing ever happens except for it reloading and looping again


Hmm, would you be able to confirm which version of Skritter this is happening on? I’ll see if I can reproduce this and see what might be going on.


Web, IOS old version and IOS Beta


When I look at the list info in the IOS Beta app it says 100% added for the 3 lists that i have active right now…
That’s cause i have only tone studying enabled… but it shows 0 tones for all lists.


This should be working now! I’ve reset your lists to add back from the beginning (which will add anything that was skipped over) and made sure just tone prompts are enabled. I also recommend logging out and back into the app.


Seems to work now.

Thanks !

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